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The success of this Internet project so far was only possible with the support and assistance of many caring family members. In order to keep the Bonitz Forum vivid in the future, we will continually rely on the input of friendly people worldwide.
No matter whether you are of direct Bonitz descent, whether you are related to one of the lines, or if you just contributed some information - this project would not be possible without your cooperation. Therefore I would like to express my sincere gratitude.

Thanks to Rudolf Bonitz of Wilhelmshaven (Germany) for his constant interest in the Bonitz family tree of Zwoenitz. His support and inspiration helped to build this project, even before the launch of the Internet site.

Ronald Hinrichs of Hamburg (Germany) started digging for Bonitz in the former East Germany, when access to the local church records was still very difficult and troublesome. Thank you for this basic research.

In Zwoenitz, retired Reverend Trommer and Mr. W. Schnell of St. Trinitatis parish supported us with extraordinary efforts to collect data of different Bonitz families. Our thanks go out to Saxony state.

Detailed and sizeable research on various Bonitz families was performed by John H. Bonitz, Jr. of North Carolina. He focused on the Bonitz of Zellerfeld (Harz Mountains, Germany), but his 1973 booklet "Some Bonitz Families - A Genealogical Survey" contains several different family branches. He covers all major Bonitz lines of the U.S.
John lived on the coast of North Carolina and left us in July 2017.

Elaborate family trees from the USA were submitted by Faith Bonitz of Minnesota, Gordon Bonitz of South Carolina, Susan L. Suminski of California, and Thomas E. Bonitz of Nebraska. Thank you very much for this 'up to date' information.

More extensive records from German speaking countries were provided by Rudolf Bonitz (Wilhelmshaven), Franz Bonitz (Vienna), Thomas Bonitz (Rheda-Wiedenbrueck), Joachim Bonitz (Aachen), Dr. Manfred Bonitz (Dresden), Andre Bonitz (Semlow), Kurt Bonitz (Munich), Klaus Bonitz (Chemnitz), Dieter Bonitz (Bad Elster), and Mechthild Jupe-Eitner (Bad Honnef).
This data will help to complete the German section of the family tree. The Bonitz Forum says "Thank you", and we're hoping for further positive responses.

We would love to list your name here, too! The Bonitz Forum appreciates any new information.
Email to our webmaster.

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