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This Internet Bonitz Forum was initiated in April 2000 by Jochen Bonitz of Germany.
It is intended to provide a global communication platform for all Bonitz families. The objective of this project is to encourage family history research, and to find connections between the different Bonitz lines worldwide. This approach shall include different spellings of the surname like Ponitz, Boenitz, Bohnitz, etc., as long as a connection can be found to any existing Bonitz lineage.

The service of the Bonitz Forum includes collecting, compiling, and providing genealogical and biographical data about Bonitz family members. Besides that, the Bonitz Forum wants to be a center of communication between those who can contribute any relevant information, and those who are seeking for this kind of information.

The final result of this work might be a complete family tree of all Bonitz families.

Another intention of this project is certainly to encourage global personal contacts between Bonitz family members (including the chance to organize a reunion, if desired).

Jochen Bonitz

About the author:
My name is Jochen Bonitz, I was born in 1968 in Karlsruhe (Germany). I am an engineer, I am married, and we have one son.
My first contact with genealogy was from my mother's family, where a lot of research was already available. But then I found a genealogical tree of my father which was prepared by my Bonitz grandmother. This event gave the impulse to start my own research. The traces quickly lead to the little town of Zwoenitz in Sachsen, Germany. When studying the local church records, I had to realize that there was a large number of Bonitz families residing in that area for a long time. So the idea was born to find out possible connections between these families, and to trace the global spread of the surname Bonitz.
In order to address a larger number of people who might be interested in this project, I decided to publish my idea on the Internet in April 2000. Here you can browse my current findings, and I am looking forward to adding more details as more and more people are responding positively to this Bonitz project.

View my personal family tree, currently containing 1811 direct ancestors.

Jochen Bonitz
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 15
93077 Bad Abbach

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